Friday, October 02, 2009

Public Servants, Private Values

We all assume politicians lie. Bill Clinton about his many women. Presidential candidate John Edwards about his mistress who may have born him a child. The only "good" thing you can say about folks like them as politicians is they didn't preach you morality.

For some reasons I am yet to understand fully, the Republicans in the US do a lot more of that than the Democrats. Here is one essay about lying Presidents.

Most recently Republican Senator John Ensign from the state of Nevada was uncovered as an adulterer who tried to buy silence from his lover's husband by giving him cushy jobs. Senator Ensign has been one of the most ardent sanctimonious preachers of "family values". Read this sordid exhaustively documented tale here.

You know the old saying: "Beware of those who bear gifts". In this case these lying politicians will say anything to get the votes of those who sincerely believe and practice "family values" while committing in their private lives exactly what they preach against in their public lives. Shame on those hypocrites.

Democrat politicians for all I know do as much womanizing as the Republicans, but they don't pretend to be squeaky clean priests either.

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