Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sack General McChrystal - NOW!

A few days ago I referred to a classic movie: 7 Days in May starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. Fab flick: -- insubordinate generals who thought the president was a coward. Lancaster played the "bad" general. Kirk the good colonel.

I evoked that movie because I thought General McChrystal was close to being subordinate by publicly pressing Obama to increase troops he requested. What was the General thinking! Obama was a sissy?

Well, I am not surprised to read in today's papers that Obama was pissed, not to mince words. Read this excerpt:

"...In London, Gen McChrystal, who heads the 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan as well as the 100,000 Nato forces, flatly rejected proposals to switch to a strategy more reliant on drone missile strikes and special forces operations against al-Qaeda.
He told the Institute of International and Strategic Studies that the formula, which is favoured by Vice-President Joe Biden, would lead to "Chaos-istan"...

Chaos-istan!!! A wonderful coining of a word but definitely a career breaker for this General. He should be fired right now!

In a democracy, the President is the Commander-in-Chief; the Vice President, the de facto Vice Commander-in-Chief. The General was asked to write a report. He did. He should have just shut up.

I took the excerpt from this article here.

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