Saturday, October 03, 2009

Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan -2

What really caught my eyes reading this painful reminder of how badly the war effort is going in Afghanistan is the murder of an American soldier by his Afghan "partner". Read here.

Other glaring facts include the lack of preparation of soldiers to fight there; US military's inability to connect with the local population due to vast cultural and language barriers; insufficient logistic including military support on the grounds and finally the continual reliance on airpower to fight a war that is really about winning hearts and minds of the people US wants to "save". Didn't work in Vietnam, won't work in Afghanistan.

If Obama gives in to the pressure by General McChrystal to increase troops in Afghanistan, it will be a disaster because the US does not have enough resources to "save" that country.

Afghanistan is not called the burial ground of empires for no reasons. Obama's next move is critical. Watch it.


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