Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Another Bush Disaster

Remember Gitmo or the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camps? The US shipped almost 775 "prisoners" to that naval base. Bush lawyers told Bush they could be held indefinitely and not eligible for the normal due process prisoners of war are entitled to from the Geneva Conventions. Lots of horror stories about torture and abuses reported and documented over the recent years. A real black mark on US moral standing around the world.

So far over half have been released without charge. Less than 300 are still in the camps. Some no doubt are Al Qaeda terrorists. Many are likely to be innocents in the wrong place, wrong time.

Obama to his credit wanted to close the camps. Ah, that seemed simple. Problem is NO country wants to take them back. They have acquired the stigma of being a terrorist when he may not be one, and if he is a terrorist, but the US government has failed to prove him so, then no one wants to take a chance with him either, for sure.

So, the only solution was to release them to the US since it was the US government that brought them to a US naval base in the first place. Right? Wrong, say the US Congress. We don't want them in the US either. No one wants to have a possible terrorist in his backyard -- understandably -- even if in fact they are innocents.

So, GITMO stays. Read this here. So now the US has to live with yet another Bush legacy of folly. It will keep a prison forever with inmates deprived of due process for crimes they may not have committed since the US couldn't prove it so. Great.

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