Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why the Drug trade in Afghanistan is Big.

Who says American has learned any lessons from its failure in the Vietnam War?

The drug lord, brother of Prime Minster in Afghanistan, is a CIA protege. It's Vietnam all over again when the CIA even ran an airline, Air America, to move the narcotics for the drug traffickers in return for intelligence among the hill tribes. CIA also had to "please" the S Vietnam generals who demanded Air America service to move the merchandise of which they had a financial stake.

So, now it's Afghanistan.

Here is the NY Times report.

Whenever a country no longer cares about "ends" and "means", it loses any moral high ground and starts the descent to immorality losing the support of locals whom America went to war to "save".

And so, America lost the Vietnam War and will lose it in Afghanistan. Sad.

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