Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Speechless in Washington DC?

Elizabeth Warren at the US Congress was "speechless" over what Wall Street is doing, and she put the blame on those who run Wall Street. Watch this here.

But Ms Warren, why blame Wall Street?

Ask Geithner and Summers, those 2 geniuses as to why they designed the rescue package so.

Ask Hank Paulson who either didn't know what he was doing or knew exactly what he was doing -- letting his pals on Wall Street get away with trillions. I don't know which is worse, ignorance or complicity.


Murray said...

GS got 12.4 bil taxpayer's money indirectly from government thru AIG. Without the money and the rescue plan, GS should have closed down already. So GS should not pay such
bonus or at least pay back the 12.4bil first.

Sin-ming Shaw said...

I agree. But we are helpless. Should write to your congressman or senator to complain. Or send an email to Pres. Obama. sin ming