Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pax Americana Ending

The American Century is ending. Not something to break a bottle of champagne for, but it is something to ponder its consequences.

For all the stupid, arrogant, awful things Pax Americana has done, Plan B, believe me, is infinitely worse. Pax Russia? Pax Sinica? Pax Al Qaeda?

How do we know it is ending. Focus on just 2 areas. Balance sheets of the country. Simply put, its financial resources have depleted. Second: its moral balance sheets have deteriorated.

Too much national debt. Too much reliance on foreign largesse to keep lending money to allow US to keep its non-junk bond status. However, look at the micro levels, even California is going bust. Any wonder theb President Obama has decided not to receive Dalai Lama, a man of peace and spirituality? Obama does not want to offend its single largest lender to the United States -- Communist Party of China.

Moral compass? After 8 years of Bush where government regulators looked the other way while Wall Street gambled with our money, after regulators looked the other way while rating agencies and accounting firms faked their certifications, and then after all that torture going on in Quantanano camps, US has lost its moral high grounds. As a French foreign minister once said, "The magic is gone".

The Dollar. The anchor of 20th century global growth and prosperity is about to enter intensive care. Read this and ponderr.

21st Century is going to be rough riding for your kids.

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