Thursday, October 08, 2009

Obama = Falling $?

You will be hearing a lot from the Republicans in the US that Obama is the cause of the falling dollar. This is another sad fact about the pathetic state of the royal opposition. The falling dollar -- and it will keep falling -- started under the Bush administration.

Remember he wanted to fight wars in faraway countries without asking the people to make a sacrifice? He not only did not raise taxes to finance his wars, he refused to slap a hefty gasoline tax to save energy and to reduce revenue to the oil rich enemies of the US? He didn't do it because he thought the people wouldn't accept any sacrifice.

So Obama had to pump trillions to save the economy. Of course the dollar is tanking. The world is flooded with dollars.

So, when you read yet another article that Obama is the cause of the falling dollar, perhaps you should wonder whether Bush was right about the people who elected him to cut taxes, come rain or shine.

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