Friday, November 13, 2009

USA - The Sucker

Two items here and an excerpt from the FT:

..."Chinese companies have invested $3.5bn in a copper mine in Afghanistan, while Beijing is also wary of greater Indian involvement in the country"...

The NY Times article featured an Iraq "saved" by USA which does not want US money in business deals.

US soldiers in Afghanistan, in another report I failed to save, patrol China's mining interests because investments mean jobs and jobs mean stability which US desperately want to see more of, something the Afghan government is incapable of delivering.

Why is Beijing NOT sending, say, 40,000 of its own PLA soldiers to Afghanistan to save guard its strategic economic investments? US has no financial interests there. That 40,000 Chinese soldiers could save both General McChrystal from his too blatant public effort to pressure his Commander-in-Chief for additional soldiers and to save American lives. Too many have been wasted already to protect the opium interests of the Karzai family. Shame.

Let's see what if any help Obama could get out of his forthcoming trip to Beijing.

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