Tuesday, November 17, 2009

China Quiz

This is an excerpt from today's NY Times:

..."Most of those who attended the event at the Museum of Science and Technology turned out to be members of the Communist Youth League, an official organization that grooms obedient students for future leadership posts.

Some Chinese bloggers whom the White House had tried to invite were barred from attending. Even then, the Chinese government took no chances, declining to broadcast the event live to a national audience — or even mention it on the main evening newscast of state-run China Central Television.

The scripted interaction underscored the obstacles Mr. Obama faces as he tries to manage the American relationship with an authoritarian China, whose wealth and clout have surged as its economy has weathered the global downturn far better than the United States’ or Europe’s"...

Quiz: Is it true managed to "weather" the global downturn better than the US? If so, give 2 reasons why you think so.


Audrey said...

My comment is not directly related to "China Quiz". Out of interest, I would like to learn what views the blogger has on self-sensorship in the U.S. media.


Sin-ming Shaw said...

There is no institutionalized self censorship i know of in the US. However, in times of wars or matters related to national security, the media has from time to time censor itself. At other times the reporters themselves due to their own patriotic or ideological reasons censored what they wrote without any external pressure on them. This is very different from institutionalized censorship in countries such as China or even Singapore. shaw