Saturday, November 07, 2009

11 best universities in the World -- in pictures!

Rankings are entertaining. Sometimes even informative. But just don't take them too seriously.

This list published by Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, now a much quoted one, at least makes far more sense than the silly one in the Times of London Education Supplement I posted 2 days ago which put Berkeley at the 39th spot. Here Berkeley is ranked number 3 in the world.

I have said before any list that does not put Berkeley as one of the 10 best should immediately be discarded as rubbish. Disclosure -- I am not an alumnus.

Here is the latest top rankings and with visuals!

Two (of many) caveats.

What does "best" really mean besides counting Nobel's and other academic awards won by professors at those universities?

Is comparing Caltech, MIT or Rockefeller, three essentially specialist schools, with full-service universities such as Yale meaningful?

The user-friendly full list is here.

Or you can go straight to the source here. Be warned. That site can be very slow.

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