Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nation Building and $$

I have long counseled college bound youngsters to take one semester of "baby" accounting if that's the only course they take that deals with money. Accounting is the lingua franca of global and indeed daily business just as English is for global communication.

Finally, someone in DC is forcing the issue of arithmetics 101 of those 2 wars here.

The $$ issue is not just about domestic budget deficits, the dollar and about winning hearts and minds in the Islamic Middle East. It is also about China, the major challenger to US global position in the 21st century. The headline of this article here so gingerly reminds the new harsh realities of USA still acting the unipolar superpower without a strong balance sheet to support its hubris.

The punch line of this China article is simply this: beggars can't be choosers.

As Tom Friedman, the author columnist, keeps saying without much impact: it's time for "nation building" back home in USA. I say amen. Otherwise, before long, someone else will land on our shores to "nation build" us!

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