Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ohio State, not Ivy League

...."Mr. Obama himself seems to be hedging his bets, particularly on the performance of Mr. Karzai, who is considered by American officials to be an unreliable partner and is now widely derided in the White House. Mr. Obama told ABC News during an interview on Monday that given the weakness of the Karzai government in Kabul, his administration was seeking “provincial government actors that have legitimacy in the right now"...

That excerpt is in today's NY Times.

Am I understanding this right? To wit, US is sending soldiers to fight for a country headed by a guy "widely derided" in the White House, which is an euphemism for the President who is looking for leadership in the provinces? Is US going to topple Karzai to be replaced by new talents from the boonies?

Incidentally, this script came straight from Vietnam where US, fed up by Diem, had him assassinated to be replaced by generals and colonels in a tragic comic series of coup d'etat.

This raises a question about elite education. These folks running the US government were educated at the best universities (on paper) money can buy. Harvard, Yale, Columbia, West Point, Annapolis, Wellesley, and yet they wish to send more soldiers to protect a guy not only hated in his own country with a opium dealing brother but is "widely" derived in the White House itself? None of these guys in DC seem to have read anything about the Vietnam War!

Time to put more folks educated at Ohio State than from the Ivy's.

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