Sunday, January 24, 2010

Where Should We Send our Kids to College? Part 2

Last year I wrote here that choosing college is a difficult exercise. There are so many good ones. Irrespective of rankings done by this or that magazine, one should choose one that is "right" for you. And each "you" is different.

That said, if your family balance sheet is not remotely close to that of a senior Goldman Sachs managing partner, the first cut could well be based on the size of university endowment per student. The reasons are rather obvious: those richly endowed universities (per student) will be able to do at least 2 things: provide more generous financial aids that the average, and secondly, those colleges are more likely able to provide lots of TLC in variety of concrete manifestations on campus ranging from counseling to professorial contact than those not so well endowed.

One reader took me to task for giving "bad" advice.

Well, if you read this article, lots of students and parents are agreeing with me by their action. Ignore the misleading attention grabbing headline and read the real message of the article.

I gladly stand by my initial position.

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