Sunday, January 03, 2010

Islamic "dominoes".

It is a case of "poetic" but macabre justice. Pakistan as a nation was always anti American, sympathetic to the Islamic "cause", spreading hatred around the world. The following is an excerpt from a Reuters report:

..."The Taliban has extended its reach from its strongholds to major Pakistani cities, including an attack on a mosque near the headquarters of the powerful military.

Karachi’s streets were nearly empty on Friday. The stock exchange, which normally operates on the first day of the year, was closed. Security forces carried out patrols. But residents were taking no chances.

”We are already losing business and can’t take the risk of going out today and opening our shops,” said Saleem Ahmed, who sells electronics at one of the city’s markets"...

The full report is here.

Recall Pakistan's nuclear scientist, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, father of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, sold secrets to such "civilized" countries as North Korea and Iran is still considered a national hero in Pakistan.

After getting caught, the former "pro" West president, Musharraf, who had previously appointed Khan as his "special scientific advisor", merely put him under house arrest in Khan's huge luxury villa. He was later pardoned by the Supreme Court.

Pakistan's madrassas that train young boys to become islamic clerics are a hotbed of radicals. They are taught to believe religious studies are all human beings need to become "educated". These future religious leaders are also taught to believe women are inferior beings.

Now, the real radicals are calling and if we believe what we read, they have a huge chance of taking over Pakistan. Unfortunately, given the slapdash way the US is "winning" hearts and minds supporting the corrupt Karzai in Afghanistan and given what its slapdash military in Iraq is mindlessly hurting Iraqi civilians via its proxy, Blackwater, US is not winning any hearts and minds throughout much of the Islamic world, and definitely not in Pakistan either.

As usual the West again mindlessly substitutes $$ and hardware and not focusing on the far harder task of "soft" power by giving Pakistan, and now Yemen, money and equipment.

If Pakistan teeters towards a collapse, it will inevitably draw the US into that military conflict for Pakistan is a nuclear power. India will not allow Pakistan to be Taliban-ized since India itself has a huge population of Muslim. 14% roughly or 161 million of them. India cannot afford to have a maniacal nuclear power jointly run by Taliban and Al Qaeda next door.

US will not allow it. The West will not allow it. But what can they do? Start another war to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Pakistan? Short of re-enacting a national draft in the US there are not enough troops to do al that fighting! And even if you could send more troops to Pakistan, what is the likely outcome? Picture the US fighting in Afghanistan and in Pakistan while Iraq is still unstable?

Until and unless the Pakistani's themselves want to reject Taliban and Al Qaeda, there can only be yet another military disaster for any foreign power to get involved in Pakistan's domestic violence.

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