Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Jews

i have often told those who care to listen that Adolf got it backwards. The Jews were the superior, if not the super race. Aryans ain't. I then rattled off some rough data to prove my point. A friend with a macabre twist of wit promptly replied, "Yes, that's why he wanted to kill them".

Read this article for some official eye-opening statistics.

I have not read the book referenced in Brooks' column, but I do remember seeing official US data showing the two highest per capita income ethnic groups in America are the Jews and the Chinese.

While the Chinese have had a good representation in the Nobel sweepstakes, concentrated mainly in physics, they are nowhere near in other intellectual accomplishments compared to the Jews.

It has been said the 21st Century belongs to, well, you-know-whom. However, until and unless the Chinese as a cultural nation begin to de-emphasize conformity as the "golden mean", they will not be able to match the Jewish mind that prizes contentious arguments in the interest of sharpening one's logical reasoning to get to the bottom of "truth". Maybe the Indians one time might be a serious contender. That country has produced two of the most sophisticated systems of thoughts: Hinduism and Buddhism, both extremely dialectical. Indians are well-known for their propensity to argue out their thoughts, similar to the Jews. These are pre-requisites to innovative thinking.

We shall see.

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