Monday, January 18, 2010

Shades of the Tet Offensive?

Back in the Vietnam War the Vietcongs in 1968 staged a multi-point offensive right in the heart of Saigon to make the point that they were far from being beaten by the overwhelming American forces. In fact they wanted to show they had the initiative to strike wherever, whenever they wanted. It was a major political-military success.

Now, as the US is escalating by increasing troops to cover more mountainous areas away from the Kabul, the Taliban is clearly making the point that they too could move anywhere they wanted by striking Kabul itself as shown in the report. Read here.

The headlines these days are all taken up by the disaster in Haiti and Google in China. Yet what's happening in Kabul has far more geopolitical implications than the other stories put together. News out of Afghanistan is not good, mate.

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