Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Rage!

Frank Rich, the NY Times columnist, was a fervent Obama supporter in his columns when Obama was campaigning. His writings were lethal against the right wing GOP, Fox News, anti-Obama crowd.

Glenn Beck is the controversial Fox News TV so-called newsman who, like his cohorts on Fox News, uses that platform to express their opinions more than reporting news.

Now we find Frank Rich telling us Beck is not all wrong at all when he criticizes Obama on his economic policies.

In the Asian context, it is like ex Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian saying KMT, his life-long enemies, were not all that wrong at all.

So, you know there is something very fundamental going on. Frank Rich and Beck are both expressing a rage felt across the land about Obama's kids glove treatment of Wall Street bestowing on them billions without getting much in return.

You can read Frank Rich's column here.

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