Friday, September 11, 2009

Justice is Served in Taiwan

Ex President of Taiwan, Chen Shui Bien (Ah Bien), got life sentence for corruption. Read this.

Thus ended a particularly cantankerous political period in modern Taiwan history for under Ah Bien's policy of falsely dividing the country into "local" (meaning in his mind those who were not from the mainland. Indeed not Chinese even) and "non local" (meaning those who were), Taiwan neglected to improve itself economically and indeed politically while its supposed enemy across the Taiwan Straits made great strife.

The division was false as there was no such thing as pure locals vs non-pure locals, or Non Chinese vs Chinese. Ah Bien's divide and conquer policy created an artificial ethnic conflict that was neither healthy nor was it based on any real contradictions between these two supposedly different groups.

The only "real" local group was the original Aboriginals who were there many thousands of years ago before any Chinese (including of course Ah Bien's ancestors) ever showed up.

As it turned out Ah Bien, a supposedly clean non corrupt politician, was a liar and a thief. He stole money from public coffers.

It would take a different group of "local" politicians under the banner of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), an Independent Taiwan movement, to offer itself as a credible ruling party. Could it happen?

Never can tell. It depends hugely on whether the ruling KMT could reform its corrupt past as well.

The winner of the day is the judicial process in Taiwan.

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