Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad Movie in Kabul

So Obama wants Karzai to crack down on corruption in Afghanistan? Read the lead story on Obama's unannounced trip to Kabul prior to touch down in this paper here.

I would be more appreciative if we had been spared of this embarrassing display of tiresome PR to placate the uninformed back home in good old US of A.

Asking Karzai to crack down on corruption is about the same as asking Don Corleone is tame mafia crimes in Brooklyn in Coppola's immortal movie Godfather.

Is there anyone in this world who keeps up with the news who still does not know Karzai's brother is the number one opium overlord in Afghanistan? Furthermore, have we not read that none other than the US military has pleaded with Washington not to crack down on that business because they need local tribal support?

Ok. To give "face" to Obama Karzai will do something about crimes. What is likely to happen is for his henchmen to crack down on all his brother's competition eliminating (and I don't mean just economically) those who do not submit to Karzai bro's orders. There will be relative peace because after the crackdown there will be just one monopoly of crimes standing that goes all the way to the palace of Kabul where the president sits.

Mr Obama, please spare us the theatrics. Get your troops out and let the Afghans deal with each other. What do your want to betray your own core values to defend opium and crime bosses? Is that worth losing thousands of American soldiers and civilians and suspending one's basic beliefs about drugs and violent crimes/

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