Sunday, March 21, 2010

Afghan Policce & US Folly

Interesting article from Newsweek here.

US has spent $6 billion since 2002 on training up a police force of 98,000. An effective force is a central part of Obama's exit strategy. US experts admit less than 12% of the force is "effective". What does that mean? Not able to even catch thieves and police the streets "effectively". We are not talking about going to the mountains to catch Al Qaeda fighters, for chrissake.

Let's do the math. $6 billion on 98,000 police = $61,200 per head. Per capita income is $800. Al Qaeda or the Taliban don't have that kind of money let alone spend only on the "police" force. Yet these enemies have been able to hold off the mighty US military.

What does that tell you? To me it is senseless to fight in a country where your supposed allies are not motivated even if you show a fortune on them. They are mostly likely laughing their head off at your naivete and stupidity and are crying all the way to the bank. Cynical? Read the latest on how the US is helping the opium business in Afghanistan.

In case you have been avoiding the news for sometime, the opium business is monopolized by the brother of the president of Afghanistan, the "ally" on whom the US effort depends.

So, how could you motivate the police when everyone and his brother in law knows the US is in bed with the opium king?

Yoiu tell me.

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