Monday, December 21, 2009

Bernanke, Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

Bernanke was wrong all the way until the bubble burst. Yet, Time Magazine honors him. He is also to remain chair of the Fed for a second term. Does he really deserve all this? This Washington Post questions his ability by documenting here how wrong he was during most of this first term.

Lots of things happen in this world are not based on sane logic. Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize while calling his war in Afghanistan a "just" war when most Afghans do not even want the Americans to stay? It is a "just" war to keep drug lords and the corrupt president in power?

Geithner and Summers were writing big checks to save Wall Street, more accurately the tycoons on Wall Street, but not Main Street? Yet they are not fired?

Paul Volcker, the only sane voice in Washington, and advisor to Obama's Rescue Program, is totally ignored by Obama?

And so it goes.

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