Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Afghan Quagmire

One day we were told President Obama had committed to a firm withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2010. That was the "punch line" of his big war speech just the other day.

Now we are told he didn't really mean that. We are told we misunderstood him. No date! Read this amazing report here.

So, would it be too unfair to conclude he just doesn't really know what the heck he wants to do with that war which is now HIS and not Bush's?

If there is no withdrawal date, then we are talking about an open-ended war, no?

That being the case, we are in for more troops calls going down the road. More deaths. More casualty and in the end, Afghanistan will still be in the hands of extremists: extreme corrupt officials and fundamentalist religious Taliban nuts who believe women are inferior and children should not go to school except to their religious ones.

So USA is getting deeper in that cesspool while its water is polluted, while California is technically bankrupt, while the roads, dams, airports, seaports are second rate?

Inevitable financial implications: budget deficits will remain huge and the dollar will remain weak and weaker.

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