Friday, April 02, 2010

Afghan War "movie" is getting from bad to worse

Well, the inevitable happened. Karzai is now attacking the "West", mainly its principal patron, the US, because he is being depicted in the "West" as corrupt and that he managed to "steal" the last election declaring him the winner.

He has the balls to do that because he knows he has got USA on a noose: Washington wants to win the war more than he does.

Why does Washington want to hang on to this corrupt man as ally is evidence of how fundamentally wrong the US war policy in Afghanistan has always been -- propping up a corrupt dictator suddenly handed billions to fight an enemy who does not need the same fortunes to die. The war policy itself corrupts. An impoverished country with a life style and a culture mired in medieval times is suddenly given billions to spend with the purse string controlled by a handful of unelected leaders with their own ancient tribal agendas is a recipe for disaster.

The US couldn't even field an effective police force in Afghanistan, let alone an army, to fight is due to the same reason why the US failed in Vietnam. Your local ally government has no credibility among the people in whose name those government rule.

But as I have been saying like a broken record, US leaders do not read history and therefore, as the famous saying goes, are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Karzai's obvious despise for the "West" and for the US is recorded here.

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