Friday, June 12, 2009

An Apology

I have been traveling constantly last 2 weeks in California on personal business living off a suitcase.  Two more weeks to go before I could sit down and do some serious writing.  Please accept my apologies.

Nothing fundamentally has changed.  Wall Street is still practically dictating what the economic team of the Obama Administration should or should not do.  

Financial markets like what they see, for now.  Despite reassurances from Washington that its policies are only anti-deflationary, inflation fears are increasingly affecting the bond market as the long end moves up.  Gold, Oil, other commodities have stayed very strong.  

Dr Doom, Marc Faber, an old friend, is going around the world saying US is going the way of Zimbabwe because the Feds have been printing and committing trillions to avoid Great Depression 2.  So inflation was to become hyperinflation.

Marc as usually overstates his case, but his directional prediction is not to be dismissed so quickly.  

For the time being, I can only contribute occasionally to my blog.  July should be when I get back to the swing of things.  

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