Friday, April 17, 2009

Anarchy in Thailand

Mr Sondhi, leader of the anti Thaksin "Yellow Shirts" was shot yesterday in Bangkok by an unknown assassin. His is only hurt. His driver is not so fortunate. He was shot several times and is in critical conditions. Read here.

The "Yellow Shirts" illegally occupied the airport last year with impunity earning Thailand the dubious right of becoming a member of the global club of banana republics. At that time, those anti-Thaksin Yellow Shirts suffered a dead whose funeral was attended by the Queen of Thailand.

The "Red Shirts", the pro-Thaksin mob, are not so fortunate. Military were called out in force to disperse the demonsrators. Two were shot dead. Over 80 were wounded. Leaders were put on "Wanted List" by the police.

The asymmestry of justice is now breeding lawlessness with exiled Thaksin widely believed to be funding the Red Shirts.

This cycle of political chaos is likely to continue as the institutions of democracy are being systematically trampled on by all sides.


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